From the life of an artist - how to keep it cool and stay positive even when life got complicated?

Today I can write to you
from a place of being slightly stressed and busy, even a little
anxious – yet from a place of full excitement and a state of
enourmous happiness! As an artist things are not always (never,
haha!) so stable, and as having constantly to adapt to new
circumstances and staying creative to come up with solutions, life
could get a little tricky from moment to moment.

What I really want to
emphasize before you and I go any further, is to tell you, that your
happiness is never defined by the external causes or circumstances of
your life, neither is your peace and harmony of mind. You see, to be
and stay happy is a matter of your choice, even if the road got rocky
and if it was hard to stand balanced on your ground. During those
shaky momens, staying positive and maintaining happiness could become
harder, but let me tell you this - only by a very consistent practise
you will become to be the happiness itself. This doesn’t mean that
downs and lows would not exist anymore – or feeling a lot and going
through anything uncomfortable or sad, for example. Those, in fact,
are your teachers to help you to maintain happiness and harmony. How
could you become a master of something if you did not get to practise?

The next simple
practises, actions and reminders have helped me a lot to keep it cool
and calm down along the journey.

1. Stay grateful –
all the time, any time, for any cause
This is just an example,
but to show my gratitude for having another day alive, is to say
”good morning” in any language that pops into my head I’m as
waking up in the morning, and a happy smile and the words ”thank
you” would follow. It has also become a daily routine to end my
days with those two words. A lot of things could happen between the
two thank yous during a day, and what is really important for you and
I to remember, is that no matter what got along the way, it’s a
blessing to be thankful for.

The next time you go to
sleep, write down or speak out five things you are thankful for about
the day. Repeat every evening and do your best to find five very
different things everyday.

2. Remind yourself
that nothing is permanent
We go through a variety
of all different types of phases during a lifetime, but what I have
learned so far is that nothing is permanent – the good or
the bad. During the good this reminder makes us stay humble and
appreciate the moment, during the bad it’s a comforting reminder that
better days are ahead. My curiousity over the Buddhist philosophy and
teachings for the past decade has a lot to thank to for discovering
and understanding such wisdom, which has become a life saviour when
things have got complicated and unbearable. Remember, there will
always be a way out and it is only a lesson – or a rehearsal –
the life wants you to take.

3. Remember that it
happens for you to make you grow even greater, stronger, more patient
and more amazing – the most wonderful version of you.
to add.

4. The power of
positive affirmations
I love to do, is to stand in front of a mirror, look myself into the
eyes and feed my mind and soul with encouraging, energizing, loving
and uplifting words – not only when things get rough, as positive
affirmations are a magical tool to access greater levels of
happiness, balance and self, but especially during the rocky roads
affirmations will help you to discover the true power within you.
Having them as a part of your daily routines, you’ll learn to become
more loving and compassionate towards yourself. You could also write
things down on a piece of paper (way more powerful than typing things
down, even if a smart phone note is surely better than nothing – so
go for it, don’t skip the practise!). Then speak it out. The words
could be to remind yourself how fierce and amazing you are and to
increase the vibration around you – therefore to attract more good
and love in life.

get you started – repeat:

I am
unique. I am strong and powerful. I am worthy. I am loved. I embrace
my weirdness and uniquness. I can do anything I ever wanted to do.

5. Keep reminding
yourself that you attract what you are
I wrote before, happiness is a result of constant practise. It’s a
result staying determined to choose your thoughts and good thoughts
only, and being able to find beauty in every situation. Do you
remember those times in life when it felt like the shit kept coming
in? Pay attention to what your thoughts were during those times.

6. Meditation
Meditate. Whenever feeling too much of anything, remind yourself to
slow down, to stop, to close your eyes and smile, then take at least
five deep breaths and notice how that makes you feel. Meditation
practise is another topic so hit me with a comment if you wish get
more into it.

7. Have mentors and
find energy in their words and example
you have mentors? Find yourself at least one today if you haven’t
already. Find inspirational, motivational people with uplifiting
energy, people who encourage you with their knowledge and wisdom
while keeping the good energy flowing to your way. These people have
been in the same place where you could be right now. They now what
they’re talking about and they could teach you a lot new about
staying positive and finding more goodness in your circumstances, as
well as understanding how blessed you actually are. Mentors are all
about serving, teaching you and being there for you while giving
ideas and inspiration to whatever you need it for.

list of mentors has been growing steadily, and here is my little list
of wonderful beings who have helped me a lot along the way: Jay
Shetty, Teal Swan, Ralph Smart, Vishen Lakhiani, Heather Hoffman and
the massive eternal source of good vibes and energy - Brendon
Burchard. Not forgetting Osho and Dalai Lama – and The Buddha. You
also might want to check out the Youtube channel of Lewis Howes for
some awesome inspirational interviews. Pick intuitively a few names
and see what they might have for you.

8. Don’t only keep
hoping for the best, do your best!
all about the action baby! I personally know how difficult it can be
to aim for your goals when difficult circumstances of your life are
keeping you low with energy because you might not be sleeping well or
the energy is being wasted on overthinking and other pointless
action. One of the many things I have learned from the amazing
Brendon Burchard is to ask myself every single day – what can I be
excited about today? Who am I doing this for? After answering those
questions, set the intentions for the day and go for it –
because amazing things don’t happen while waiting, you make the
amazing things happen!

9. Rest and disconnect
just – chill. You know you’ve done your best and worked hard and
smart and there is no need to be too hard on yourself. Find
compassion towards yourself. Treat yourself with nutritious food and
sleep. Read or watch a movie. Have a walk. And sometimes purely
disconnect from the world and people for a day or two – or for
more! To chill and disconnect will help you go through complicated
times as you allow yourself to charge your batteries – the physical
and the mental ones.

10. Remember that life
is not so serious after all. Celebrate and embrace it –
metaphorically and literally.
just smile. :)

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