Important update and notice - from now on 31% of every order will be used for my future charity projects with children and women.


Ornamental drawings (such as mandalas)
starting from 150€
(size and the amount of details will affect on the price)

Realistic drawings
starting from 350€
(size and the amount of details will affect on the price)

(size and wanted materials will affect on the price)

Big drawings and paintings are being charged by the hours of work.

Shipping worldwide.
Postage will be added.
Prices include taxes.

Ask about framing.

A loving notice:
There may be some additional charges (e.g. at the customs) specified by the country you are ordering the artwork to – be so kind and check in advance as the artist won't be responsible for that.

Prices for illustration:

68€ per hour
1080€/two days

And how will you get your own piece of art?

Simple as this. Send me an email to tell about your wishes, schedule, location and preferences of the size of the work and if you wish to have it framed. If it is a portrait that you have in mind, I will ask you to send in a reference photo or two. Also with other type of work I'm happy to take some references if you have something specific that inspires you. Then, we will plan a schedule, a plan of payment (normally I ask 50% of payment before starting) and I will start working on your piece.

I'd love to answer if you have any further questions.

Massive love.

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