Creating in order to give to those who may have none.

We are responsible of each other, and if someone doesn't have enough, it is on our responsibility to take care of them and help to lift them up.
If something is not right in this world, it is on our responsibility to start a change and make a difference.

I'm the creator of art and difference, and I create my own reality. At the same time I'm the co-creator of the universe and the world we live in. In this universe and in the reality I want to create, exists a land where human beings lift each others up, where no greed or jealousy lives, only space for love, hope and kindness.

As a creator I am responsible of the words that I say and the actions that I take, and with the gift in my hands I'm responsible for creating so that with you I could give to those who may have none.

Proudly yet humbly, I announce that 55% of all the profit that is made through my art, will be used for my future projects with women and children, as later on this year I will be opening an NGO in India.

Small things make a massive difference.

Thank you for being part of making the change and creating a difference.

Namaste and massive love.

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